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Buckeye Valley Athletics/Volunteer - Certification Process

The Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Revised Code, OHSAA and BVLSD Board Policy requires all coaches paid or volunteer to have updated certifications and ODE Coaching License.

Copies of all certifications will be maintained in the Buckeye Valley Athletic Departments.

Buckeye Valley Middle School & High School coaches send certifications to Elin Parker,

Coaches must complete the process in a timely manner. 

_____ Step 1 - Officially apply for the coaching or volunteer position.  Download the form below.
                       Buckeye Valley Supplemental & Volunteer Recommendation Form

____ Step 2 - Contact Mary Barr: or 740-369-8735  to update BCI/FBI (background check) No coach or volunteer may work with students without an approved BCI.

The Appointment must be scheduled. No walk-ins, please.

_____ Step 3 - Concussion - NFHS website - no cost - ​Certification good for 3 years.

______Step 4 - NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching​ - ​NFHS website - cost $65.00 - ​one-time certification

______Step 5 – Lindsay’s Law - - Sudden Cardiac Arrest - no cost -Certification good for 1 year.

Scroll to down to item #5 - Create an OHID account - An account will be needed later to apply for a coaching permit.

______Step 6 - CPR - ​Cert good for 2 years.

______Step 7 - SST/Coaches First Aid - ​Cert good for 3 years.​- ​NFHS Coaches First Aid Health & Safety
                          ​  OR

______Step 8 - PAP certification w/ ODE - cost $45.00 to $75.00 -​ Certification good for 3 to 5 years.

All steps need to be completed prior to receiving supplemental pay.

______Step 9 – FINAL FORMS accept the confirmation email so you can receive emails when your coaches certifications are expiring.


See below for further instructions on how to use the ODE website

Create an OHID account with the Ohio Department of Education (if you do not already have one).
● This can be done by going to the following link: and signing up for an account.
● You will need to scroll down to read the agreement and supply your driver’s license, date of birth and social security information. If you do not have a work phone number, you can use your building phone number or athletic office phone number.
● ODE will send a confirmation email at the address you provide that will give you information on how to set up your password to log in.
● You will need to remember the username and password you set up in order to check any information regarding your permit, background check, payments, and expiration dates.

Check if your FBI and BCI checks need to be updated for a new or renewed activity permit.
● Once you have set up your account, you can log into your OHID account
● Click to the ODE.CORE (Online Licensure System).
● Click Educator Profile to find your account.
● Enter your first name and last name to retrieve your information.
● When your demographic information is brought up, please note and record your State ID number since you will need this number if you are renewing your pupil activity permit.
● Click BCI/FBI in the blue box on the left side of the screen.
● You will need both the BCI and FBI check if you have never had a background check before in Ohio.
● If your most recent FBI check date is more than five years old, you will need to update these records.

Renew your activity permit online.
● Click the back arrow until you get to the screen titled “ODE Connected Ohio Records for Educators”.
● Hover over the words “My Educator Profile” next to the apple under Educator Licensure.
● Click “My Information” and update this information. Please note that you cannot renew or apply for your activity permit without this information being updated first.
● Click “My Educator Profile” on the top left and then click on “My Applications” to renew or apply for your activity permit.
● A few tips when filling out your online application: Please use 2019 as the effective year. And lastly, you will need credit card information for online payment.
● Please also remember to submit your final online application. Your application will then be electronically sent in an email to our Administrative offices for review and approval before your new or renewed activity permit
Sudden Cardiac Arrest -or- “Lindsay’s Law”
● Log on to your “OHID" account through the ODE website (
● At the “my home” page, click on LMS - Learning Management System (you will be navigated to an external site)
● On the right side, you will see midway down the page a section labeled “My visual course list” click on “coaches sudden cardiac arrest training”
● Follow the instructions provided, watch the SCA video, take the test, and print the certificate