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Course Drop/Add Policy

Changes to course selection (registration) before the start of the school year will be permitted only under the following circumstances:

1. Scheduling Error/Conflict:

   - If there is a scheduling error or conflict.

2. Class Size Balance:

   - If the change is necessary to balance class sizes.

3. Graduation Requirement:

   - If there's a need to make up a required course or credit for graduation.

4. Prerequisite Failure:

   - If a prerequisite has been failed.

5. Repeat with the Same Teacher:  

   - If the student previously failed the course and is enrolled with the same teacher.

6. Summer School Completion:

   - If a scheduled course is taken and passed during summer school.

Note: Students choosing to drop AP, Honors, and/or CSCC classes must do so by the students' last day of school of the school year in which they registered. 

After the school year begins, within the first 5 school days of a course, students may drop or add a class with the approval of their parents and counselor. Additionally, course changes will be considered only if 1) there is available space in an alternative class or a study hall and 2) class sizes remain balanced. (Note: only one study hall per semester is permitted). 

Schedule change requests submitted after the first 5 days of the course will follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Conference with the Teacher:

- The student's parent(s) are required to confer with the teacher of the class to be dropped.

  1. Contact with School Counselor:

  - Following the discussion with the teacher, either the teacher or the parent must contact the student's school counselor.

  1. Collaborative Consultation:

      - Requests for changes will be discussed collaboratively, involving the student's parent(s), counselor, and teacher.

  1. Final Approval by Principal:

 - The principal will make the final determination for approval of the schedule change. Factors such as student skill level and special circumstances will be taken into consideration.

  1. Academic Penalty After the First 7 School Days:  

 - Unless approved by the principal, dropping a course after the first 7 school days will result in an academic penalty. Students will receive a grade of "Withdrawal/Failing" for the semester being dropped.

Refined wording:

Course level change requests will be handled according to the following procedure:

1. Changes in course level must be discussed in consultation with the student's teacher, parent(s), and counselor. If a course level change is approved, the student will carry all grades earned to date to the next level.