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Registering for Classes


When selecting courses, students should be aware of the graduation requirements listed in this document. Students also are urged to consider interests, abilities, motivation, and career plans when selecting courses. After reading the Course Catalog, students should discuss courses with teachers, counselors, and parents. It is important for every student to select his or her courses carefully. Due to commitments for staff employment and assignments, maximum class sizes, and ordering textbooks and other supplies, schedule changes will be discouraged. 


  1. Students will receive an updated transcript (SchooLinks) each year when registering for classes and at the end of each school year so that credits can be checked. It is the student’s responsibility to review the transcript for accuracy and to assess credits needed for graduation. 

  2. Students are responsible to register for required courses to meet graduation requirements. Students are urged to consult their counselor if they have questions. 

  3. Students who fail required subjects must repeat them the following year unless they successfully complete summer school. It's important to note that graduation requires four credits in English and four credits in Math. Therefore, if a student fails one of these subjects and does not pass summer school, they will need to take two classes in the respective area(s).

  4. Students are responsible for knowing prerequisites for courses they wish to take. For example, Computer Graphics cannot be taken until Art 1 is passed. 

  5. Students will be scheduling for seven periods of class. Students are not permitted to have more than one study hall per semester unless using flexibility through the College Credit Plus program.  

  6. Student participants in athletics and activities should refer to the Buckeye Valley High School Activities Handbook for information on eligibility.

  7. Students who begin the 2024-2025 school year at the Delaware Area Career Center must attend the Career Center for five (5) days in the school year before they will be permitted to return to Buckeye Valley. The Course Drop/Add Policy  must also be followed. 

  8. Students choosing Advanced, AP, Honors, and/or CSCC classes may not drop the class(es) after the last day of the school year in which they registered. 

  9. Parents are to review and approve all registration forms. 

  10. Students in AP, Honors, and CSCC courses will be weighted (5-point scale).