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Global Scholars Diploma

The Global Scholars Diploma acknowledges a high level of global competency beyond the standard curriculum at Buckeye Valley Local Schools. Participants in the Global Scholars Program collaborate with neighboring districts in the Columbus area to delve into various subjects, recognize diverse perspectives, articulate ideas effectively, and take purposeful actions. The program aims to enhance exposure to globally relevant experiences and topics, foster connections among globally-minded students in the district and central Ohio, engage in cross-cultural and career-oriented field trips, and attain elective credit designation on their high school diploma and official transcript. Students meeting the criteria will receive 0.25 credits for year 1, 0.25 credits for year 2, and 0.5 credits for year 3.

To qualify for the Global Scholars Diploma, students must:

  •  Complete the mandatory blended learning (face-to-face and online) courses through Buckeye Valley Local Schools for three out of their four years at Buckeye Valley High School.

  •  Obtain digital badges in four domains of global competencies.

  •  Attend in-person sessions.

  • Explore the world through online, self-paced modules in Google Classroom.

  • Execute a capstone project, focusing on either action research or a service-learning project, with opportunities for international travel or mentorship in a global business setting.

Additionally, students must fulfill specific Buckeye Valley High School requirements, including completing a minimum of three years of Spanish or French and a Current Events course. Students enrolled in this course may also explore controversial issues through class assignments and discussions.